Electrical Safety Advice for Parents and Kids

Electrical Safety Advice

Electrical Safety Advice for Parents and Kids in the home. For some uncanny reason, children seem to be attracted towards electricity. Their inquisitive nature nags them to discover how things work, leading them to experiment with electricity which could result in fatal injuries. Therefore, parents must instruct their children on how to be safe around electrical devices as improper knowledge of electricity can be dangerous. In case of an electrical emergency, you can approach Electrical Services in your local area.

As a parent, your top priority should be to teach your kids about electrical safety around household appliances and electricity in general. So read further so that you can take preventive measures against electric shock:

Secure Power Outlets

Toddlers, in particular, love power sockets and plugs. It is not possible that you have a crawling baby who hasn’t once tried to stick a finger into a bare power socket. So the first thing you must teach your kids is not to stick objects and fingers into power outlets in order to avoid an electric shock. As precaution is always better than cure, you must install those outlets beyond the range of a child. Also ensure that the socket design and prong are up to the standards, that is:

– One half of the prongs are covered insulation.

– Sockets are designed with a special shutter mechanism.

– Built in fuses in plugs.

– Use plug covers.

Electrical Safety Advice for Parents and Kids

Electrical Safety Advice for Parents and Kids

Plug Socket Covers are an effective, simple way to help keep fingers and sharp objects away from electrical sockets.

Water and Electricity: A Deadly Combination
Right from an early age, children must be told that water and electricity do not mix. The children must never:

– Touch electrical appliances when wet.

– Jump out of the paddling pool without drying themselves to go in the house near switches, sockets and other electrical devices.

– Go to the games consoles soon after a bath until completely dried.

– Keep liquids and drinks near stereo, television, computers and other electrical equipment.

Be Aware of Power Lines
Power lines are dangerous. They must always be assumed to be constantly energized and uninsulated even when not the case because getting in close proximity of one could result in a fatal electric shock. Before building tree houses etc, parents must ensure that there are no powerlines close by. Parents must also teach their kids the following:

– Climbing trees that are too close to power lines is dangerous.

– They should never play in the vicinity of a sub-station and refrain from entering one.

– Electric poles are not supposed to be climbed up.

– Remote controlled aeroplanes, kites and other flying toys must be flown in open space like meadows, fields and parks where there is a lot of space. However, such toys must be kept away from overhead power lines.

– If an unfortunate event occurs where the toy planes or kites get tangled in a power line, they must never attempt to get it themselves.

If such an incident occurs you need to contact Western Power Distribution on their emergency contact number.

Electrical Safety in the Garden

Even gardens are not safe for children as lawnmowers and other such electrical garden machinery can cut their own electric cables and can pose a threat. So parents must always be vigilant and use residual current devices with electric garden machines. Check out our post Electrical Safety In The Garden for more information.

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