Monthly Archives: July 2016

Electrical Safety in the garden

Electrical Safety in the Garden. Do not use electrical equipment in wet conditions the risk of injury or death from electric shock are much greater than the risk from using electrical equipment in dry conditions. Electricity and water don’t mix and may also cause damage to electrical equipment in wet conditions, whether it’s pouring from […]

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Should I change to LED bulbs?

Should I change to LED bulbs? Is it worthwhile changing to LED lighting? This is the question we are most commonly asked as electricians. As you might expect the answer starts it depends. For the moment let’s assume you are asking the question because you want to reduce your electricity bill. If this is the case the […]

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Should I Call An Electrician?

Should I Call An Electrician? Do you know when it is advisable to call out an electrician and what an emergency electrician service is for? Hopefully this article will explain what we can do for you and when you should call us if you have an electrical emergency. 8 Reasons it is Time to Call Your […]

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